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Jason and Aleesha had a dream to get to a farm and raise their family in the country.  In 2015 that dream came true!  Ron and Peggy, who previously owned the farm, decided to retire and through word of mouth we became aware that the farm was for sale.  The fact that Ron respected the land and that we had common ground on farming practices made us excited.  Then we saw the land!  It's beautiful!  It was love at first sight - it had everything we were looking for in a property.  The soil is rich and fertile and the produce delicious! 

We are now in our second year on the farm!  We've expanded to have organic, farm fresh, free range, chicken eggs available!  Quantities are limited - call us if you are interested.   

What else can you expect from Ron's Berry Farm?  Of course we will continue with the strawberries and asparagus, but we have hopes of bringing a variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables to our customers.   All of the Nanking Cherry trees we planteed last year survived the winter and we have ordered additional cherries this year.  We are hoping to have a few cherries from last year's plants this year, but doubt there will be enough to sell - maybe next year?  We are also planting some additional fruit shrubs this year to see how they do in our soil and determine how much soil amending we will need to do.  So hopefully the future will hold blueberries and honeyberries on the farm.  We are adding additional layer chickens this spring so that we have a larger quantity of eggs available to our customers.  We are also adding layer ducks and some turkeys.

We value our customers and appreciate any feedback you can give us.  Is there anything you would like to see locally grown that we do not have?  Drop us a line to share your thoughts and we can see where it may fit into our future.