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Jason and Aleesha had a dream to get to a farm and raise their family in the country.  In 2015 that dream came true!  Ron and Peggy, who previously owned the farm, decided to retire and through word of mouth we became aware that the farm was for sale.  The fact that Ron respected the land and that we had common ground on farming practices made us excited.  Then we saw the land!  It's beautiful!  It was love at first sight - it had everything we were looking for in a property.  The soil is rich and fertile and the produce delicious! 

Now 2016 is here and we are preparing for our first season of asparagus and stawberries.  We're excited for the growing seasons and yet nervous at the same time.  Our seven children share in the excitement and are looking forward to helping in any way they can.  

What else can you expect from Ron's Berry Farm?  This year we will continue with the strawberries and asparagus, but we are also planting Nanking Cherries.  The fruit of this project will not be seen for 3-4 years, but will be a great addition.  Also new for 2016 will be chickens.  Can you say, "farm fresh eggs!"  Unfortunately our chickens won't be ready to lay until late fall.  We are hoping to develope our farm to include additonal produce options also.  Stay tuned!​